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thor-prep12-WG.jpg (147163 bytes)

Wintergreen #12 (back in stock)

This is a deep penetrating prep with a strong wintergreen odor. Works good for dirt and asphalt applications.

Apply one to several coats of #12 Wintergreen with a brush or roller allowing to dry between coats. You can also wrap the tires in plastic for a deeper penetration.

A few ounces of #12 inside the tire will also soften the compound when used in a tire rotisserie.

Item Name: Tire Treatment #12 Wintergreen - Quart
Item Number: #12-WG-1QT
Price: $17.00

thor-prep5-GP.jpg (181382 bytes)

Goat P #5

#5 Goat P (Goat Pee, Goat Piss, Gold, Yellar, ect) provides tons of grip and stays in the tire to drop the durometer considerably. Be careful, as the #5 Goat P will soften the tire enough to cause feathering on a hard track.

Goat P can applied externally in coats with a brush or roller. 

Item Name: Tire Treatment #5 Goat P - Quart
Item Number: #5-GP-QT
Price: $17

acrysol-qt.jpg (209569 bytes)

Acrysol is an adhesion style prep. When you need that additional bite on a hard track, Acrysol is the answer. This prep seems to work good on marginal tracks when used in conjunction with other preps. Acrysol tends to give other preps further saturation.

Always consult the manufacturer before mixing any tire preps or treatments. Acrysol can applied externally in coats with a brush or roller.


speedy500.jpg (210220 bytes)

Speedy 500 is an adhesion style prep. Speedy is great for the start of a feature. It mixes well with other preps and like Acrysol gives and adhesion effect.

Always consult the manufacturer before mixing any tire preps or treatments. Speedy 500 can applied externally in coats with a brush or roller.


 Tire Tac which is a great adhesion style prep. Can be applied just before you go on the track.

#2 Tire Cleaner - will soften a tire just a bit on it own but really shine in opening the pores of the rubber for a deeper penatration of Goat Pee or Wintergreen. Apply to tire and let dry the follow up with GP or WG as normal.


Tire Prep - 1quart


As with any chemicals, use proper protective gear such as gloves and safety goggles. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations on the product label.





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